Premises LiabilityProperty owners can endanger your health or safety. You might have visited a home or business and were injured by conditions you could not have anticipated. These injuries could happen in grocery stores, houses, office buildings, restaurants, warehouses, vacant lots or even a marina – anyplace where someone else’s negligence caused your injury.

Property owners in Florida have a legal duty to protect the safety of those who are legally present on that property. Premises liability claims are often referred to as Slip and Fall cases.However, premises liability cases also include Negligent Security matters when a criminal act causes injury or death on someone else’s property.

If you get hurt because a property owner fails to provide proper maintenance or security, ignores a known problem, or fails to warn about a potential slip and fall hazard or security danger, they are probably liable for your injuries.
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Slip, trip and fall injuries occur because of a dangerous floor surface or other dangerous condition. Some common causes of injuries are:

• Wet floors or stairs.
• Uneven floor mats.
• Failing to clean up or repair a hazardous condition.
• Failing to warn of a spill or other hazardous condition.
• Inadequate lighting.
• Inadequate handrails.
• Uneven surfaces.
• Unmarked drop-offs.
• Unmaintained flooring.
• Broken steps or sidewalks.
• Failing to follow or have safety rules.
• Missing handrails.

Premises Liability

Violence and Criminal Attacks can occur because of Negligent or Inadequate Security and involve:

• The failure to provide security personnel on the premises.
• The failure to install or monitor security cameras.
• The failure to post “No Loitering” or "No Trespassing” Signs.
• The failure to provide adequate lighting to deter criminal activity.

If you have suffered a slip and fall injury, it is important that you take certain steps:

  • Get Medical Attention - No matter how insignificant the slip and fall may have seemed, it may have caused injuries which are not immediately apparent.
  • Take Photographs - It is important that you take photos of the area that caused your slip and fall injury. Often, property owners or managers will correct the hazard that caused your injury in an attempt to cover-up the dangerous condition and deny your premises liability claim. Photographs can be very important evidence.
  • Write Down Everything - As soon as you are able to, it is important to write down everything about your slip and fall that you can remember. If you are unable to write, have another person make notes for you.
  • Be sure you write down the names of all the people you speak to about the incident.
  • Obtain Contact Information - Get all the contact information from witnesses, property managers, property owners, and any other person that may be important to your premises liability claim.

Premises liability claims are complicated. That's where I come in.

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