Dog BitesDog bites and attacks by other animals are traumatic and cause serious injuries. Sadly, the majority of victims are children. Animal attacks often result in permanent scarring, nerve damage and a significant risk of infection. Victims, especially children, can suffer psychological damage that lasts well beyond the physical injury.

Dog and animal owners are liable for injuries whether or not the animal had ever behaved in any manner that could cause injury- such as jumping up and knocking you down.

Dog bites are serious matters and can present complex legal and insurance issues.


Florida has a strict liability dog bite statute. You do not have to prove the dog owner was negligent or that the dog has bitten someone previously. If the dog bites you, the owner is probably liable.
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To protect your rights:

  • Seek professional medical care as soon as possible.
  • Contact your attorney as soon as possible.
  • Obtain information regarding the identity of the dog and the name and address of the owner.
  • Ask for names, telephone numbers and addresses of any witnesses to the incident and those who have information about the dog or the owner.
  • Obtain photographs of your wounds, bruises and clothing and, if possible and safe, the dog. The photos should be taken as soon as possible after the incident to insure that evidence of the injuries is preserved. We will probably take additional photographs after we meet and as the case progresses.

Usually there is insurance coverage available to compensate you under a homeowner's policy. If you are unexpectedly visited or called by an insurance company before you have a chance to call your attorney, remain calm. You should only acknowledge that you were injured; you shouldn’t even discuss the incident with the insurance company. Do not give a recorded statement. Do not sign anything. Before politely ending the conversation, you should ask for the name, address, and telephone number of the insurance company, as well as the claim number.

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